VInce MorrisPath Designs is a small web technologies development and consulting firm offering intelligent and customized online solutions to meet a variety of client needs.  We are experienced at providing our clients with technologies that are innovative, professional and economical. 
Path Designs was founded by Vince Morris in 1999 and, since the beginning, he has focused on assisting non-profits and legal aid organizations with achieving their missions. Mr. Morris has designed and developed hundreds of websites within the non-profit, small business and legal services sectors. He also programs automated documents and provides project management consulting across the nation. 
“Our primary focus is on utilizing "justice technology" to provide better access, and assistance, in navigating the judicial/legal system. My work involves initiating and implementing innovative solutions for technical distribution of legal resources and legal information via multimedia resources.” ~ Vince Morris, Esq., Founder of Path Designs
Our services include:  website design/development; automated document solutions; website maintenance; content management system customization; graphic design; project consulting and management; technology grant consulting/drafting; and search engine optimization solutions.





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